What are Emulators ?

An emulator is a software that typically enables or lets a host computer or system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system or device. Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program in an electronic device; to emulate (imitate) another program or device. Emulators are widely used to emulate a different environment in a different system. At, AndroidEmulator.org we mainly discuss about Android Emulators.

What are Android Emulators ?

Android Emulators basically are a type of emulators or simulation applications software; designed & developed to run Android like environment on a compatible machine, such as on your computer system. It happens by virtualizing a mobile device that runs on your PC or laptop.

Hence, by the emulation of an Android device virtually on your computer system, you simply get the ability to use android apps or games on your computers if your system is capable enough to handle the emulation. 

Therefore becoming beneficial for daily Android users as now, they just can use their desired Android app or game on their PC’s or laptops or whatever machine that they have if they have enough compute power. Remember the more powerful your system is, the more fluid the emulation will be. 

The people benefiting the most here are the programmers & app developers. Such people could use these android emulators to develop, test and build Android applications, without the need for an actual physical device, which may significantly increase the cost of producing something. 

In awake of such features, many companies started developing and building their Android Emulators to the consumers or the general public. Now any user can quickly run any Android App or Game on their computers with enough compute power without any thing to do so. 

Simply, Android emulators let you run your favorite apps and games on your desktops and laptops as if, you were using or playing them on your Android device.

Benefits of Android Emulators

Some key benefits of android emulator’s according to various user types

For Personal or Home

  • You can Experience Android Like Environment on your any computer running Windows, Mac or Linux if its capable of running and emulator.
  • While using the right emulator with a good hardware system users can get better and faster Android performance greater than a mobile device.
  • Users with the help of an android emulator can emulate and run any Android Games or Apps on their desktops or laptops.

For Developers

  • The App Developers can now test the development and progress of Android applications without needing an Android device. Saving time & resource, completion of the project will be faster.
  • The costs related to Testing and Debugging builds, and other processes will be saved. Hence the project cost will eventually get less.
  • Apps Can be tested with the latest Android OS (With Official Android Emulator from Google )

For Commercial Entities

  • Commercial implementation based on requirements.

What is This Website For?

We created AndroidEmulator.org, to build an active community around Android Emulators. Where people can readily have to date information on Android Emulators. We intend to build an androidemulator community where we can share, exchange, present, discuss topics related to app development, emulator and many other stuff.

Other than that, here are some of the stuff that goes on in this site:

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