Android Studio On Chromebooks

Running Android Studio on Chrome OS

Android Studio, the software platform provided to developers to create Android Apps, looks like it might be on its way to Chrome OS. While the majority of us are not software developers, this possibility brings with it some serious promise.

Google is rumored to be bringing its Android Studio developer environment to Chrome OS. If true, it means that developers will be able to create and test Android apps on the same device for the first time.

This is perhaps a bigger deal than is immediately obvious. That is, it’s not just a developer story: This change would mark an important evolutionary step in the hybrid devices that are now challenging PC and Mac.

Android Studio on Chrome OS could be on its way. This hasn’t been fully realized or confirmed, but the implications are very intriguing.

With Android Studio running on a Chromebook, developers would be given an all-in-one environment to not only build but also test and run their creations in a fully-functioning Android Framework.

We always thought it would be cool for Chromebooks to run Android Studio and be used for app development, this new use case is even more intriguing.

Though we aren’t for sure this will happen, it is just another possible niche for Chromebooks to fill down the road as our favorite OS continues to grown and develop.

Unfortunately, Android Studio can be quite resource intensive, with many of the current Chromebooks not having a powerful enough CPU power or enough RAM to run it well. That being said, while most Chromebooks are a bit on the weak side for software development at the moment, Google does have a solution to that: Chrome OS also runs on the less well-known Chromeboxes and Chromebases, which are small form factor desktop PCs and All-in-ones, respectively. These devices have the thermal headroom necessary to pack a bit more power, and could potentially be used as a platform for future Chrome OS development devices.

It will be kind of interesting to see how this plays out, and what effects it has on both Android, Chrome OS, and the rest of the computer market.
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