Bluestacks with Android Nougut launched

BlueStacks has been offering software that lets you run Android apps on a Windows or Mac computer for years by essentially installing a complete Android system that you can run on your PC like an app (which you then use to run other apps).

Now BlueStacks has released a new beta based on Android 7.x Nougat, which brings support for many newer games and other apps which may not have been able to run on earlier versions of the software.

The update also brings an updated graphics system which BlueStacks says brings better performance and higher frame rates in games, while reducing CPU usage.

During the beta, BlueStacks does require a relatively high-performance PC with at least 4GB of RAM and an Intel or AMD processor with virtualization support, but the company says that the plan is to bring support to all PCs once the software is out of beta.

BlueStacks App Player is available as a free download, but there’s also a premium subscription option if you want to disable advertisements and get priority support.

A brief from Bluestacks

“ Our mission is to make mobile games feel native on a player’s computer ,” said Cathy Yang, Director of Product Management at BlueStacks. “ Running the game is the least we want to do. In reality, we want players to forget that they are playing a mobile game and instead feel that it is another extension of their PC gaming library .”

The HyperG Graphics System, first released in BlueStacks 3, received a major upgrade as well. For the first time ever, HyperG leverages the full power of the Android N graphics library. This means that games will push higher frame rates, look crisper, cleaner, and use less overall computer resources. Yang claims that, “ With BlueStacks + N Beta and updated HyperG, we see some high-[spec] games running 25-30% faster with 15-20% improvements in CPU usage .” She continued, “ The Beta release will be limited to only higher-end PCs that have Intel processors with virtualization-enabled. We plan to monitor performance data and will release a non-Beta version compatible with all PCs – including AMD and Intel processors – shortly thereafter .”

With the launch of the Beta, BlueStacks anchors another pillar in their mobile gaming platform by removing one of the biggest roadblocks for many gamers – the ability to play hardcore mobile games that required more modern Android operating systems. Android N is backward-compatible with all legacy games and is capable of running every game currently in the Google Play store. The Beta is currently available for download on the BlueStacks   website alongside their latest version of BlueStacks 3.

Before You Download

  • This is a beta version
  • This version runs on Android N
  • This version is faster
  • This version needs your computer to meet certain performance requirements because it’s a beta version

    Minimum system requirements

      • OS: Windows
      • Processor: Intel/AMD Processor with virtualization extensions (VT/SVM) enabled in the BIOS.
      • RAM: 4GB RAM
      • HDD: 4GB Disk Space
      • You must be an Administrator on your PC
      • Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor

    BlueStacks N Beta will work on systems that fulfill the minimum systems requirements. However, for a superior gameplay experience, Recommended System Requirements are mentioned below

    Recommended system requirements

    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (passmark 3500) or higher processor with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5200 (passmark 750) or higher
    • Memory: 6GB or higher
    • HDD: SSD (or fusion)
    • Internet: Broadband connection to access games, accounts and related content
  • If upgrading from a previous version, you might lose the existing data. Please backup your data before proceeding.
    If your computer does not meet the requirements, please download 
    BlueStacks 3


However lately many users have mixed opinion and still use old version of bluestacks. One notably user quoted that.

” I lost interest in bluestack when they started requiring that I install some rubbish game every now and then to continue using their software. I was barely using it that it wasn’t worth paying for.

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