Download Jar Of Beans

Download Jar Of Beans

Jars of Beans is the first portable android emulator that was made available to the general public. Though its development was abandoned a long time ago, it’s still the only portable working android emulator at present that still works.

It is based on Android 4.1.1 and offers many features, and the best is portability. It’s the only portable android emulator for windows. The developer user name was unrealmanu in XDAdevelopers forum and was from Italy.

While using this software, XDA Forum Member unrealmanu began to dislike it and decided to have a go at creating his own Android emulator. And thus Jar of Beans was born.

Download Jar Of Beans Android Emulator

On this page, we have listed download links for the latest version of Jar Of Beans. We have also listed download links for the previous version of Jar Of Beans if anyone requires it.

However, using the latest version is probably the best idea as new features and old problems are fixed in the newer versions.

Prior downloading, visit the link if you want to know more about –
Jar Of Beans Android Emulator.

Last Update: 3rd March 2020
Official SiteN/A 
CompanyJar Of Beans 
Latest Version
v4.8.2 (Current)  
Status of DevelopmentStopped and Inactive 
Does it Work?Yes, and it is still compatible with many apps.  
Download Link
(Direct Download)

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Previous Versions of Jar Of Beans

We have listed here most of the previous versions of this emulator. However, sometimes some versions are not listed because we don’t have their links or we just don’t know about it. If you know about such version, please tell us, it would be a great contribution.

Version Date Android Version Download Links

Troubleshooting & Installation Guides

Let us know your thoughts or queries in the comments section.

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4 years ago

Holy hell man. Your DL link sends you onto a feedback loop of ads and ads.

I’ve never seen so many ads! On your site and when trying to download jelly bean. It’s not worth it. Funny thing is when other devs do a good job, I’m more than happy to donate, but this crap is embarrassing.