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In this page, we have listed MEmu App Player download links, from the latest version to the previous versions.

Note that these links are hosted externally, are mirrors of the original files and we are not responsible for them. These links are also available from the official site for the listed downloads.

We’ve always recommended our visitors to use the latest version of android emulators. However sometimes due to bugs and problems we have to fall back to older versions; hence we have also listed links for older versions too.

About Microvirt: The Company behind MEmu Player

Microvirt started up in 2014. It began as a virtualization technology company to launching the MEmu App Player in 2015. It has always tried to deliver an exceptional experience of playing mobile game. Their vision is to be an ultimate platform, to play, connect, create and more.

We hope that Microvirt continues its development of Memu App Player for years to come, they have already worked and improved plenty of things. For this, the Emulator community is thankful to them.

About MEmu App Player

MEmu App Player is a powerful Android emulator and aims to provide the best experience to play android games and apps on PC. Because of the leading performance and unique multiple-Android-kernels support, MEmu has more than 15 million users in over 200 countries and 20 languages, and it’s still growing rapidly.

Before you proceed you might like to Know more about Memu App Player. We have a dedicated page with depth information on Memu.

For best performance and experience we recommend having a good graphics card.

Some instructions before you continue:-

  1. Make sure your computer is powerful enough to run Memu App Player. Basically what we are saying is make sure you have compatible hardware.
  2. Make sure you’ve all the prerequisite software (runtimes) and hardware drivers installed on your computer. To know what runtimes are required for Memu: visit here.
  3. Make sure your graphics driver is upto date. If not update it to the latest version available for your graphics device.
  4. If you have met the above conditions you are good to go.
  5. Continue forward to download Memu App Player.

If you’ have any doubts regarding any of the contents or text, kindly ask in the comments below and we may assist you with it.

Note: This page is updated whenever there is a new version of Memu App Player released by Microvirt.

Download MEmu App Player

Last Update: 08/02/2018
Official Site
Company Microvirt Co. Ltd
Latest Version v5.2.1 Changelog
Download Link – Offline Installer 268MB Download

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Previous Versions of MEmu App Player

Note: We are only listing the versions which were available on the official site. Sometimes some versions are not available for their short-lived time.
You can view changelog or release notes for the specified version of MEmu App Player by clicking View in the changelog tab against a specified version.
There can be scenarios where you would like to use the older versions. Hence we will try to maintain the download links.
If the links are broken, feel free to contact us, we will update them.
Version Date – DDMMYY Android Version Changelog Download Link
5.1 29/01/2018 5.1.1 View Download
5.0 24/01/2018 5.1.1  View Download
3.7.0 24/01/2018  4.4.2  View Download  29/12/2017   4.4.2  View Download 
3.6.7 30/11/2017  4.4.2 View Download
3.6.2 8/11/2017  4.4.2 View Download
3.5.0   24/09/2017  4.4.2  View Download
3.3.0 1/09/2017 4.4.2 View Download
3.1.2 17/07/2017 4.4.2 View Download
 3.0.8  4.4.2 View Download 17/05/2017 4.4.2 View Download 03/05/2017 4.4.2 View Download
2.9.3 26/01/2017 4.4.2 View Download
2.9.2  9/01/2017 4.4.2 View Download
2.9.1 17/11/2017 4.4.2 View Download
2.8.6  13/09/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.8.5  2/09/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.8.3  18/08/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.8.2 08/08/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.8.0 02/08/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.7.2 21/06/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.7.0  03/06/2016  4.2.2 View Download
2.6.6 12/05/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.6.5 27/04/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.6.2 19/04/2016 4.2.2 View Download
2.6.1  18/04/2016  4.2.2 View Download
2.5.0 10/03/2016  4.2.2 View Download
2.2.0  4.2.2 View Download
2.1.1  4.2.2 View Download
2.0.5 N/A 4.2.2 View Download
2.0.2 N/A 4.2.2 View Download
1.8.6 N/A 4.2.2 View Download

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