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Nox App Player

Download Nox App Player

Nox App Player is one of the leading Android Emulators right now. We like it due to its customization features and frequent updates.

Its developed by Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited, comprising with a team of like-minded geeks who live in Hong Kong and develop the best App player software loved by mobile Apps and games users around the world.

Until now its development has been very active; and over the past months and years, we have seen tremendous development and introduction of great features from Nox App Player. We really appreciate the Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited team, and thank them for creating a really featureful software for the general public.

We hope they keep on improving this great “Android Emulator” in future too.

If you wish to know more about Nox App Player; Kindly visit Nox App Player’s dedicated page on our website.

You can get the download links for nox app player on this page.

Before Installing Have a look at Requirements for Nox App Player.

We have listed download links for the latest version of Nox App Player as well as download links for the previous version of Nox if anyone requires it.

In certain situations, if there’s a bug in the latest version; its handy to switch over to the previous version if we have a lot of data. Nox App Player has a useful
backup feature to save our work or save data.

However, using the latest version is probably the best idea as new features and old problems are fixed in the newer versions.

Note: This page is updated whenever there is a new version of Nox App Player released.

Download Nox App Player

Last Updated on 16-10-2018
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Company Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited
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Previous Versions of Nox App Player

Note: We are only listing the versions which were available on the official site. Sometimes some versions are not available for their short-lived time.
You can view changelog or release notes for the specified version of Nox App Player by clicking View in the changelog tab against a specified version.
There can be scenarios where you would like to use the older versions. Hence we will try to maintain the download links.
If the links are broken, feel free to contact us, we will update them.
Version Date
Android Version Changelog Download Links 8-2-2018  4.4.2 View Download  05-01-2018 4.4.2 & 5.1.1 View Download  29-11-2017  4.4.2  View Download 29-11-2017 4.4.2 View Download 16-11-2017 4.4.2 View Download 25-07-2017 4.4.2 View Download 16-06-2017  4.4.2  View Download 2-06-2017 4.4.2  View Download 6-05-2017 4.4.2  View Download 20-04-2017 4.4.2 View Download 31-03-2017  4.4.2  View Download
3.8.0 14-01-2017 4.4.2 View Download 19-12-2016 4.4.2 View Download 13-12-2016 4.4.2 View Download 24-11-2016 4.4.2 View Download 11-09-2016 4.4.2 View Download
3.7.3 10-09-2016 4.4.2 View Download
3.7.2 21-09-2016 4.4.2 View Download
3.7.1 04-8-2016 4.4.2 View Download
3.6.0 4.4.2 View Download
3.3.0 4.4.2 View Download
3.1.0 4.4.2 View Download
3.0.0 4.4.2 View Download
2.5.1  4.4.2 View Download
2.5.0 4.4.2 View Download
2.3.0 4.4.2 View Download
2.2.0 4.4.2 View Download

Troubleshooting & Installation Guides

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