Koplayer Android Emulator

KOPLAYER is a relatively a new free Android emulator in the world at present. KOPLAYER commits itself to bring best playing experience for players with more than one million awesome apps and games.

Comparing to traditional Android emulators, KOPLAYER takes the newest kernel technology under the x86 architecture. All of these results enormous advantages in performance, stability, compatibility, and let you enjoy the fun which can’t get from a cell phone.

Large screen, smooth operation, unlimited storage Are you worrying about the small screen of your phones? Are you depressed that some games can’t run on your phone?

Get KOPLAYER Android emulator. No such problems will appear anymore.

Compatible with Windows xp/7/8 KOPLAYER Android emulator can run on your PC with Windows xp/7/8 system which is smoother than playing on Android devices. And more than 99& apps and games are available on KOPLAYER. And it is far more than similar products on game performance.

Internal integrated Google Play store to compatible with all apps KOPLAYER Android emulator has an internal integrated Google Play Store. Players can download, install and play any app of Google Play store in KOPLAYER. Of course, you can also drag .apk files to KOPLAYER to install them. If you find any bug about running apps in KOPLAYER, please inform us [email protected].

Supporting gamepad, keyboard, and mouse KOPLAYER have many built-in functions for the camera, microphone, keyboard, etc. Players can enjoy mobile games with the gamepad, chat by keyboard which cannot get from Android devices.

One-click for screenshot and video record As a senior gamer, you know screenshots, and video file are must while playing games. KOPLAYER has these two built-in functions. You can get screenshot and video file by one click and share with your friends in KOPLAYER.

Features of KoPlayer

  • Developed on Android 4.4.2 kernel
  • Google Play store integrated
  • Record Videos of Games and apps
  • Compatible with all series AMD computers
  • Compatible to run on Windows 10
  • Support input/output devices, gamepad, and controller
  • Multiplayer mode which can be activated with ease
  • Customize CPU/RAM occupation and resolution.


  • AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU that supports Virtualization Technology (AMD-vt or Intel VT-x)
  • Windows (All Versions)
  • 1GB RAM Minimum/4GB Ram Recommended
  • Up to 1GB Free Disk Space ( After Installation of various apps this may increase )
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Capable Video Card (Graphics Card)*Graphics card is must for Ko Player


Installing KoPlayer is simple. You won’t have to configure much, and you can select where the keep the data of the koplayer emulator which is basically in D:/ drive, but you can change it to C:/ Drive or whichever drive you to want. Just make sure it has enough space.

We advise installing various prerequisites required to run Android Emulators.

Go through this article below; it will highlight all those run-times, drivers, and applications that are needed for Android emulators.

-> Article: Prerequisites For Android Emulators

Our Review

We think that KoPlayer is a relatively very new. It has great features, and lots of applications are compatible. More are more features are being added to it. Though is still new around it quite stable. You don’t need to configure much and could use it very efficiently.

Pros Cons
Fast  Little Unstable
Compatible with many apps and games
Powerful Android Emulator
Has lots of customization settings
Close to real performance if used in a Powerful computer
Frequent Updates

Download KoPlayer

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