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XePlayer Android Emulator

XePlayer is a leading free Android Emulator for PC that enables all Android games and apps to run smoothly on Windows systems. Built on x86 Architecture, it supports advanced features like OpenGL & hardware acceleration, which enables the emulator to run faster, more stable, and compatible than other Android Emulators.

XePlayer Android Emulator for pc support video recording, gamepad & keyboard, and internal integrated Google Play store compatible with all apps, more than 99% of apps & games Running perfectly on XePlayer.

Play your favorite mobile games and make use of all your preferred mobile apps from the comfort of your desktop with this powerful Android emulator. Computer builds can get pretty powerful these days, even capable of fully emulating other powerful devices. There are plenty of reasons you want to try something in a virtual environment, and if you’re looking for a flawless emulator for generic Android devices, then XePlayer is just what you need.

Experience the Android OS on your desktop.

First of all, you might want to be sure your computer is capable of running the application because it might eat up some resources since it emulates an entirely different operating system, which, in turn, can have other games and tools active. Moreover, your computer needs to have Virtualization Technology active, namely VT-x for Intel, and AMD-V for AMD processors.

The interface has a familiar look and feels to it, that’s if you ever laid hands on an Android smartphone or tablet. Interaction is pretty much the same, with the mouse used to interact with objects as elements just as you would with your finger. However, there are also some helpful elements for when a single mouse can’t handle the task of two fingers otherwise used on a touchscreen.

Since a desktop interface can’t really hold all the functionality of an actual phone, the application is fitted with a nifty sidebar where you find all sorts of tools. Some, like the two-finger control mode, come to aid in particular regions, while others, such as the recorder or add APK file, can help with more advanced tasks.

Play games, try apps and connect to the Internet.

One particular sidebar function you find of particular interest is the keyboard control. It lets you create a fully custom keyboard right there on the screen, which can include additional control elements, such as a Gravity Sensor, GPS walking keyboard control, direction controller, crosshair, and more.

Needless to say that the application comes with its own settings, which in turn affect the emulator. Depending on your PC specs, you can tweak performance levels, display, and CPU usage. Interface settings, such as orientation, can be changed, as well as general options, like starting with Windows or enabling root startup.

Things get a little more fun, if not enough already, when stumbling upon really familiar elements, such as preferred games and apps. You can directly connect to the Google Play store with your existing Google account, which means all achievements and other account bonuses are shared across all Android devices you associate with your user.

A few last words.

To sum it up, XePlayer can really make you think to trick you into believing you’re using your tablet or smartphone instead of the PC. Performance is flawless, with neatly-designed and interactive menus, configurable controls, and an immersive Google Play experience.

Features & Highlights

  • Complete Android experience on PC
  • Flexible Customization
  • GPS location simulation
  • File sharing between Android and Windows
  • Fast APK installation
  • One-Click Android System
  • Multiple Android instances can run Simultaneously

Other Features

XePlayer is built on x86 architecture and supports advanced features like OpenGL & hardware acceleration. It runs faster, as compared to other emulators. It is more stable and compatible than any other emulator.

XePlayer emulator supports video recording, gamepad & keyboard. It is compatible with all apps and internally Integrated with Google app store.


XePlayer is licensed with freeware for PC or Laptop with Windows 7 or a new version either 32-bit or 64-bit OS.

This is a simple application ideal for all users despite the level of experience.

With XePlayer, You can;

  • Have Fun to play Android Games on PC
  • Chat more conveniently by using keyboard in WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.
  • Watch live show and TV channels
  • Ten Seconds to start
  • Directly Open several Android Emulators windows

System Requirements:

Download XEPlayer

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System Requirements for XEPlayer.

How to Install XePlayer

How to Uninstall XePlayer

How to Configure XePlayer

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