How to Backup User Data in Memu App Player

Backup and Restore user data in Memu App Player

With this tutorial, you will learn how to backup data in Memu App Player using export feature using Multi-Memu.

Before you proceed you might like to Know more about Memu App Player.

This is an important topic to discuss as sometimes we wish to have multiple accounts and data backed up.
So that it won’t be a hassle to get the same data as before after a reinstallation or a new installation on another PC.

When re-install MEmu App Player, apps, and user data will be refreshed along with the Android image.

Same thing happens when you play MEmu App Player on another PC.

With MEmu Multiple Instances Manager, you are allowed to backup/restore these data by simple two steps.

1. Click the Export button to backup your apps/data into a certain ova file.

Exporting Memu App Player Data
2. Click the Import button to restore your apps/data from that specific ova file.

Import Memu App Player Data

3. That’s it you’re done.

Note: The ova file is likely to be very large if you installed a lot of apps before, so the backup or restore process will be time-consuming.

Note: The online upgrade process of MEmu will remain the apps and user data.

Download Memu App Player:


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Fortnite Dicas
Fortnite Dicas
2 years ago

There is no such option in my version of Memu :/