How to Install YouWave Premium ?

Installing YouWave Premium Emulator on a Windows PC.

This article is a guide to install Youwave Premium Android Emulator on a Windows PC.

First About YouWave

YouWave is a program that emulates the Android operating system on your computer.

Much like BlueStacks App Player or Andy, YouWave lets you try out Android apps and games on your PC in a way that enables you to see exactly how they would look and play on an Android phone. It includes SD card functionality (sharing a folder between your PC and the virtual machine), support for multiplayer online games, dynamic rotating, and volume control buttons.

Visit this Page ” YouWave ” to know more about it.

Whats this  YouWave Premium? What this premium is about and what additional features it offers?

The most important different between Youwave’s basic and premium version is that the basic version is free of cost while the premium version costs 29.99$.

The price is justified by offering Android v5.1.1 in the premium version.

According to us we don’t think the price is justifiable but considering it as a developer fees and the fact that Youwave is still maintained, we think its logical.

Why we think that the price doesn’t justify ?

There are emulators available with more newer versions of android.

How to Install YouWave Premium Lollipop: A Step-By-Step Guide

Detailed Steps by Step Guide to Install Youwave Premium:

1. Open The installer which the the executable file or exe.

2. Click Next.

3. You will see the license Agreement, Click on I Agree.

4. Select the Destination Folder for Installation YouWave Premium

Usually, the destination folder will be: ” C:\Program Files (x86)\YouWave Android\ “, if you’re in a 64 bit Windows OS.

We are running 64 bit Windows 10.

However, if you were running 32 bit version of Windows then the destination folder would have been: ” C:\Program File\YouWave Android\

However these days most people use 64 bit version of Windows.

5. Coming back, once you have set the destination folder, Click on Next.

6. Then Click on Install.

7. Wait a bit for the installation to be completed.

8. You will prompted that installation has been completed.

9. Now you will be prompted to click on Finish.
Click on it.

10. You will be shown a Congratulation message, stating where the program has been installed and also where YouWave data directory is located.

Usually its located at ” C:\Users\Account Name\youwave\

11. Now click on Ok.

You’re have completed installing YouWave Premium.


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