BlueStacks MultiTool

Bluestacks Multitool – A tool by which you can have your BlueStacks for Windows rooted automatically in less than 2 minutes!

Follow the instructions below to get started, any suggestions/comments are welcome.

WARNING: TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any brick or data loss caused by this tool. Though its easy to use, but still we insists you to take backup of your data before doing anything.

Bluestacks Mutitool are set of tools which were made to unlock some special features of Bluestacks App Player. With this application you can carry out task like root, unroot, remove debloats etc in Bluestacks App Player. You can see all the features present in bluestacks multi tool below.


    1. BlueStacks Auto Rooter / Unlocker
  • Full Unroot (Helper for BS)
  • De-bloater (Auto Mode – Disable Only)
  • De-bloater (Auto Mode – Delete Permanently)
  • De-bloater (Manual Mode – Disable, Delete, Skip or Re-Enable)
  • Superuser / SuperSU Installer & Updater (Helper for BS)
  • Xposed Framework Installer & Updater (Helper for BS)
  • Apk Installer (Wrapper)
  • Multi / Mass Apks Installer (Wrapper)
  • Hosts File Updater / Injector
  • Build.prop Updater / Injector
  • Auto Updates Disabler
  • Dirty Uninstaller
  • Full Factory Reset


  • BlueStacks App Player Beta for Windows v0.7.4.x – v0.8.11.x only.
  • Your BlueStacks MUST be able to run smoothly on the system running this tool. (Especially self-rooting)
  • Some free space on your hard disk for temporary storage and backups.


Personally tested on the following versions:
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.11.3116 on Win 7 x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.10.3096 on Win 7 x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.9.3088 on Win 7 x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.8.8006 on Win 7 x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.7.3066 on Win 7 x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.6.3059 on Win 7 x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.5.3042 on Win 7 x32 & x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.4.3036 on Win 7 x32 & x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.3.3026 on Win 7 x32 & x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.1.3011 on Win 7 x32 
BlueStacks Beta v0.7.13.899 on Win 7 x32 
BlueStacks Beta v0.7.6.802 on Win 7 x32 
BlueStacks Beta v0.7.4.788 on Win 7 x32 

Users Reported Working Versions :
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.9.3088 on Windows 7, 8.1 x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.7.3069 on Windows 7, 8 x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.6.3059 on Windows 7 x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.4.3036 on Windows 8.1 x32 & x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.3.3026 on Windows 8.1 x32 & x64
BlueStacks Beta v0.8.3.3026 on Windows XP x32
BlueStacks Beta v0.7.11.885 on Windows 7 x32

* Feel free to report your working configuration so that i can add to this list.


BS MultiTool v1.21r1 – Bugfix release.

Chainfire SuperSU, Latest (Recommended; Link to official thread)
ChainsDD Superuser v3.2a (Optional; Modded, for BS only; AMD processor users MUST use this)

BlueStacks Offline Installer MSI (Could be useful if you have slow internet connection)
Google Apps Installer for BlueStacks (Installer apk; Can be used to add gapps to your BS) (Self explained: Disable graphic driver check during FE start-up)

BlueStacks – BSMT last supported BS version (141.05 MB) (Mirror #2:
* Note: Official download link for 0.8.11 is gone, above are mirrors; check downloaded file’s size before you run it.

BlueStacks Net Blocker v1.03 – Added systray support.
BlueStacks Tweaker v1.5 / BlueStacks Tweaker v3.12 by @AJacobs (Changelog)

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