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Bluestacks Tweaker – The Best Solution To Tweak Bluestacks Completely

BluestacksTweaker Tool

Using Bluestacks Tweaker software you can change all security measures like Android ID, Google Ad ID, etc so that you can again install that application on your device and earn unlimited referral cash. Sometimes apps (like MyGalaxy) gives offers only for particular sets of smartphone Model like Samsung. So using this tool you can also customize your Bluestacks’ Model and use that offer without having Samsung or any companies smartphone.

Key Features Of Bluestacks Tweaker

  • General information about BlueStacks // path to the folder of the program, version, image size disks (* .vdi), running services
  • Start / Stop / Forced stop all processes / services / drivers // helps with infinite load
  • Obtaining Root // su binary is taken from superuser_X_PRO_vX-48.apk
  • Disable the Window of Purchase and One Time Setup
  • Change IMEI / Subscriber ID / Sim Card Serial / Wifi MAC address / Android ID // After applying the patch. The change is only in HDPlus mode – after launching BlueStacks verify that run the service BstHdPlusAndroidSvc and BstkDrv, instead BstHdAndroidSvc and BstHdDrv
  • Change the model of phone // As a base used phones provided by the developers of the files with the models and operators by country
  • Change the Google Advertising ID // advertising ID by Google
  • Changing the internal resolution BlueStacks // External resolution is edited by regular means BlueStacks menu Preferences
  • Change DPI // Screen Density
  • Changing the RAM // Maximum – 4096MB or 1/2 of installed RAM (smaller of the values)
  • Copying files/cache on your computer to BlueStacks and back. // Direct copying to/from BlueStacks directly into the appropriate folder (similar to copying through TotalCommander with adb plugin, but must be copied much faster).
  • Reduction of data folders to the real size. // Compressed .vdi image to the actual size, which is occupied by the installed applications
  • Work in several profiles. // The ability to create multiple copies of BlueStacks with a different set of programs. Only one copy can run.
  • Deleting the preset shortcuts from the desktop of BlueStacks
  • Total stop BstHdLogRotatorSvc service
  • Deleting the banner (BS 2.6.100)
  • Disable the Window “Sign in with Google”
  • Backup/Restore GUID/phone/resolution
  • Factory reset
  • Change size of Internal Storage and SDCard


  • .NET Framework 4 Client Profile or higher required.
  • Windows System
  • Bluestacks ( Version 3 of BS Tweakers supports Bluestacks 2 and Bluestacks 3)

Base Version Download Links Changelog
v3.22.0 [Beta] Latest Download View
Download View
v3.12 Download View

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