Port forwarding in AMIDuOS

How to Forward Ports by Port Forwarding In AMI Duos

As the AMIDuOS network is configured in NAT mode and it is connected to Windows system internally, the network applications/services on the AMIDuOS are not accessible to the Windows system or to other devices on the same network.

To access the network applications/services in AMIDuOS, the network ports in Windows and AMIDuOS should be mapped properly to route such network traffics to AMIDuOS.

You should know the ports number of your application to configure it. Though, we are listing the universal port numbers for few DLNA/UPnP applications at the end of this article.

To configure port forwarding, use the below tool to configure network ports (TCP and UDP) for UPnP/DLNA/Media server and other network applications,

  • Port forwarding tool – 32 bit
  • Port forwarding tool – 64 bit


Commands syntax:

1. To add a new port,

DuOSPortForward add <Port name> <Protocol> <Host port number> <Guest port number>

2. To remove a port,

DuOSPortForward remove <Port name>

3. To list all configured ports,

DuOSPortForward list

Steps to port forwarding:

  1. Close AMIDuOS, if it is running,
  2. Download the appropriate version(32 or 64-bit) of the tool,
  3. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the location where the tool is saved,
  4. Type the ‘add’ command with your network ports and protocol then press Enter,
  5. Type DuOSPortForward list to verify that the added ports are listing out,
  6. Launch AMIDuOS and check your application.

Example of commands:

  • DuOSPortForward add chromecast TCP 8008 8008
  • DuOSPortForward add chromecast UDP 1900 1900
  • DuOSPortForward add http TCP 8080 80
  • DuOSPortForward remove chromecast
  • DuOSPortForward list

Universal DLNA/UPnP ports:

  1. Google Chromecast: TCP – 8008/8009 and UDP – 1900
  2. Media Monkey: TCP – 2869 and UDP – 1900
  3. BubbleUPnP: TCP – 58050 and UDP – 1900
  4. Allcast: TCP and UDP – 53515
  5. UPnP: TCP – 5000 and UDP – 1900

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