Nox App Player v6.2.6.0 Released

Nox App Player v6.2.6.0 has been released. Its one of the most powerful android emulator that is presented to general users. Currently used by millions of users to play Android games and apps. It is available for the public to Download.

You can Learn more about Nox App Player here.

Nox App Player is a publicly available free Android emulator that brings Android experience on your computer. It’s an android emulator, which is an application for Windows and Mac users which lets them run Android Applications on a computer. This emulator Based on Android 4.4.2  & also comes in new versions of Android and compatible with X86/AMD. It gained a great advantage on performance, stability, and compatibility compared with similar programs like BlueStacks, YouWave or Andy the Android Emulator.

Before Installing Have a look at Requirements for Nox App Player and Prerequisites For Android Emulators.

Nox App Player has recently released a new version of its emulator.

The version for this build is v6.2.6.0.

You can find the changelog or release notes for this version; below in this post.

The Release Date for this build is October 16, 2018.

This version is for Windows Users. 

Download links for this version are available on our site and can be accessed from the link at the bottom of this post.

You can see the changelog below. 

Changes in Nox App Player v6.2.6.0:

Release Notes or Changelog for this version.

1. Optimized the keyboard controll, add long-press continuous click mode;
2. Optimized synchronization fuction of multi-instance, virtual location can be synchronized now;
3. Optimized interaction and visual design of toolbar for easier operation;
4. Optimized the start response and restart time;
5. Optimized the Theme Center in NoxPlayer;
6. Fixed the macro button configuration failure in the keyboard control;
7. Fixed the minimization problem of multi-instance manager;
8. Fixed the crash problem caused by keyboard configuration and some graphics card models.

Our Review:

We took our own time to review this version to test out most of the features.

We recently installed it our PC’s and our review of it is that the current version of Nox App Player is quite good featuring major improvements and quite some bug fixes.

Before installation, please check the notes above. Make sure you have installed all the prerequisites needed.

If you come across any problem with this version make sure to report it to us on our forum or in the comments below. We will help you to sort it out, or if there’s any bug, we will report it to Nox App Player Support for a possible fix.

Download Nox App Player


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Note: You can also download any previous versions of the Nox APP Player from the dedicated download page.

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