Bluestacks App Player v2.4.44.6257 is released and available.

Bluestacks App Player v2.4.44 is released and available for download. The version is directed towards Pokemon Go Players.

BLuestacks App Player v2.4.44.6257 is released, this article provides this version changelog and necessary information related to it. If you have any queries, questions or doubts; you may ask us in the comments section of this article.

There’s a new version of Bluestacks App Player which is available for download. There are few fixes of bugs in this version and is numbered as v2.4.44.6257.

It was released on 13/08/2016.


This version is directed more towards Pokemon Go Players.

Here are the details:

  • Welcome, Tab removal. This was based on a ton of user feedback we heard to simplify the process. Users now load straight onto the Android tab, log into Google, and then simply download their choice of apps
  • Pokemon Go “No GPS found” Fix. This is a far-reaching fix that should allow users from app launch to be able to play the game

Download it Here: Link

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Our Review:

We have checked and installed this new version on our own desktops and laptops, this build is running well and without any problems.

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