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Android Emulator.ORG started as a website that intends to bring in Android enthusiasts, Developers, Hardcore Users, and the General Users; a community platform where everyone can actively discuss and be updated with Android Emulators.

This website was started by Ashish D.D, who was always interested in android development, but initially didn’t have an android phone. As he started learning to build Android apps with Eclipse. There was no way of testing on a physical device as he didn’t have an android phone. He owned a Nokia N73 at those days and later Nokia C6-01. During the time frame, Nokia’s own OS’s were quite popular. However, in his circle, there were people who had android phones and its usability and functionalities were quite impressive. Well, what we had then cant be compared to the present as tech keeps on improving.

So on to the next stop, he got to know about Jar of Beans, his first android Emulator. All thanks to a decent pc that could handle Jar of Beans Emulator.
He gradually started building and testing apps in it. It’s sad that Jar of Beans after some development didn’t see the light of the day afterward but, as we speak, there are already amazing and powerful android emulators out there to be utilized.

At this site, we provide information on the most active and usable Android Emulator’s that are around. In past and even now we actively work with Android Emulators ourselves
for building and testing Android apps.

As of now millions of people are now using Android Emulators for various purposes. Maybe for playing games, running their favorite apps or even for building
and testing Android applications.

In the end, Android Emulator is amazing software, we thank all the development teams, people, and companies involved that are Investing time and money to build something amazing.

About the community:

Right now this community comprises of Android App Developers, Mod Builders, Rom Builders, Beta Testers, Simple End Users.

As we started included Android x86 on the topics we cover, we also have got people who are rich in knowledge related to the Android x86 platform.

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Our Team

You are reading some great content on our website and you may be interested in knowing about the team who is behind Android Emulator. Here is our awesome team:

Ashish Dung Dung, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Ashish is the owner of Ash Network Inc, which owns AndroidEmulator.in. This website was started by him to follow up the trends and information regarding Android Emulator and its development. Ashish has been writing for several online blogs, forums, and websites.

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