Android Emulators for Mac OS

Macintosh OS or popularly known as Mac OS used by Apple on its Mac PC’s and Macbook’s is an awesome OS, with its awesome user interface, and great features, wouldn’t it be more awesome if we are able to run Android on Mac os.? like WhatsApp on mac os, yes it’s possible by these unique Android Emulators, so let’s have a look on these 3 best Android Emulator for Mac OS’s

Bluestacks App Player Android Emulator for Mac OS

  • Bluestacks AppPlayer is probably the Best Android Emulator available because it uses the unique “LayerCake” technology which allows android OS apps to be emulated and run without requiring an external Virtual Desktop App whatsoever.
  • Also Bluestacks contains inbuilt search manager which allows you to install any apk within itself.
  • The .apk files can be installed into Bluestacks from guest OS [Mac OS] itself, simply by double-clicking, as well as the apps can be launched directly from the MAC dashboard!
  • moreover Push Notifications of app installed in Bluestacks are pushed directly to the host OS, hence you can use chat applications like whatsapp and the MAC Os simultaneously and smoothly!
  • Bluestacks automatically takes up the internet connected to the Guest OS [mac] hence no need of configuring anything!
  • Bluestacks for MAC can be downloaded from either or by Clicking here to download the Bluestacks  .dmg file .



Droid4X is the sort of emulator designed for Power, and its the best android emulator for gaming be it for Mac OS or Windows.

  • It provides options to configure Keyboard as Controller for gaming.
    • Comes pre-rooted and with Google Play Store installed.
    • Simply, drag and drop the apk file to start the installation.

    Click here to download Droid4X for MAC Os X

Andy OS

  • Andy OS by is another great Android Emulator for Mac OS , but it requires Virtual Box to be preinstalled on the MAC.
  • Features of ANDY emulator include Google Play Store support inbuilt, none of the emulator has this feature inbuilt even for Windows builds!
  • Multi-Touch support – the word explains it all !
  • you can also use your phone as a controller for controlling / playing the games, the picture alongside explains it 🙂
  • Access the installed apps directly from the Desktop environment!
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration, Camera and Microphone all features supported!
  • You can download the MAC version of Andy from here –> The link will automatically redirect you depending on your OS —
  • Click here to download & get Andy Emulator for Mac OS X .dmg file .


  • One of the most striking features of Genymotion is unlike other Android Emulators it allows us to change the type of android device as well as android version we are using!!
  • This is a great feature and allows us to select a particular device as well as particular Android version which we want to emulate.
  • It also supports configuring the amount of resources e.g RAM ,harddisk to be allocated to the Android device is possible! Great feature if your are limited on hardware resources.
  • Directly supports networking through ethernet /Wi-Fi , emulates your connected connection directly so you can use internet directly in your emulated android.
  • ADB Support and it also supports OpenGL hardware acceleration so you can use your Android device fullscreen and play Games on your MAC!
  • Also supports drag and drop file transfer to the emulated SD Card 🙂 , supports Gyroscope,Light and accelerometer sensors too.
  • You need an account on Genymotion Cloudto Download and deploy Genymotion android device .

Xamarin Android Player for MAC

Xamarin is yet another android emulator with variety of devices supported, it supports OpenGL, and virtualizes a device instead of emulating it. 

NOTE – You might want to check out this new emulator which runs directly inside Google Chrome BrowserARChon! Android Emulator., thus it will work on Mac too!

So these were the Best 5 Android Emulators for Mac OS , besides these there are other options available too such as the Android SDK (Official) Emulator ,AndroVM , AndroLite but configuring official Android SDK is a tedious task and other two didn’t interest me much , you can check them out too..

Hope you liked this post, if you have any doubts/queries/suggestions feel free to comment!