Xamarin Studio

Introducing Xamarin Studio

Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco, a California-based software company founded in May 2011 by the engineers that created Mono, Mono for Android and MonoTouch, which are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specifications (often called Microsoft .NET).

The release included two main components: Xamarin Studio, a re-branding of its open-source IDE MonoDevelop; and integration with Visual Studio, Microsoft’s IDE for the .NET Framework, allowing Visual Studio to be used for creating applications for Android and iOS, as well as for Windows.

At the time of its release in February 2013, Xamarin Studio was a standalone IDE for mobile app development on Windows and macOS, as part of Xamarin 2.0 based on the open source project MonoDevelop. In addition to a debugger, Xamarin Studio includes code completion in C#, an Android UI builder for creating user interfaces without XML, and integration with Xcode Interface Builder for iOS app design. On Windows Xamarin Studio is now deprecated and was replaced with Xamarin for Visual Studio. On macOS Xamarin Studio is still in development, but was rebranded 2016 as Visual Studio for Mac.

Xamarin has distinct features and offerings, as an advanced cross-platform mobile app development platform, which is hardly available in existing frameworks in the market when native access and native user experiences are in question.

Here are some benefits:

  1. Seamless API Integration Capability
  2. Easy Collaboration & Sharing
  3. Coding Advantages of C#
  4. Easy Availability of Developers
  5. Supports Platform Uniqueness
  6. Rapid Development
  7. Cost-Effective

What language is used in xamarin?

Modern Language Constructs – Xamarin applications are written in C#, a modern language that includes significant improvements over Objective-C and Java such as Dynamic Language Features , Functional Constructs such as Lambdas , LINQ ,Parallel Programming features, sophisticated Generics , and more.

The Xamarin Integrated Development Environment.

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Build 2017 introduced Visual Studio for Mac – an IDE for Mac allowing you to use C# to create mobile, desktop, and web applications such as:

  • Mobile with .NET: Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS
  • Mac desktop apps
  • .NET Core applications
  • ASP.NET Core Web applications
  • Cross-platform Unity games

If you are currently using Xamarin Studio, it is recommended that you update to Visual Studio for Mac to continue to get the latest support for all supported workloads.

More information on Visual Studio for Mac can be found on