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    Bluestacks 4.240 Released

    BlueStacks Download this version. 1. The latest enhancements will give you a significantly better visual experience and stable frame rates, especially while playing games like Seven Nights II, Huang Yi Qun Xia Biography M and 美好 的 世界 獻上 祝福!Fantastic Days that utilize Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC). 2. Using a farm account in Rise of Kingdoms is easier than ever…

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    Bluestacks 4.230 Released

    BlueStacks 1. Among Us movement controls have been enhanced for better gameplay experience. You will now notice significantly less diagonal movement when moving in a straight line.  Released on: 14th September 2020. BlueStacks Step into the world of better gaming experience with BlueStacks 4.230.10.  1. Improved sensitivity on Free Fire, easy sniping and smoothest ever gameplay make…

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    Bluestacks 4.220 Released

    BlueStacks We’ve made some major improvements to the overall performance of BlueStacks, the Notification Mode and various other improvements are included in BlueStacks version Read on to know all about them. 1. A strict workout regime resulted in BlueStacks becoming substantially faster and stronger. Improvements include faster loading times and overall increased performance. Stamina and Power levels…

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    Bluestacks 4.215 Released

    BlueStacks After spending so much time at home this year, the foundations of BlueStacks have been strengthened even further. • We’ve made various improvements which should result in a smoother gameplay experience across a variety of applications. Squashed bugs: • Rise of Kingdoms will no longer crash if you happen to open the Media Manager…

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    Bluestacks 4.210 Released

    BlueStacks Notification Mode has been slightly tweaked. • BlueStacks will only appear on the taskbar when you receive a notification after closing BlueStacks. Please note, Notification Mode must be turned on, for this. BlueStacks 1. PUBG: Mobile Smart Controls are here! This will immensely improve your gameplay experience. They’re a ton of new features in these controls so…

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    Bluestacks 4.205 Released

    BlueStacks 1) We’ve updated the Game Guide icon for better accessibility. It’s now shinier than ever. 2) The all-new Game Center is now available for your exploration. We’ve carefully crafted out a selection of games based on different genres, to help you expanded your gaming library. Read all about the Game Center here. 3) Various UI changes and performance improvements. Internal…

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