AndEX is an x86 based Android project for bringing the Android Operating system that can be installed on your computer. It is based on Android Pie 10.0.

Also Available in Pie 9.0, Oreo 8.1, Nougat 7.1.2, Marshmallow 6.0.1, and Lollipop 5.1.1, and KitKat4.4.4 versions.

Features of AndEX x86 OS

  • Android 10 with GAPPS
  • Support for 64-bit and 32-bit kernel and userspace with latest LTS kernel 4.19.10
  • Supports OpenGL ES 3.x hardware acceleration for Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and QEMU (virgl) by Mesa 19.3.4
  • Supports OpenGL ES 2.0 via SwiftShader for software rendering on unsupported GPU devices
  • Supports hardware accelerated codecs on devices with Intel HD and G45 graphics family;
  • Support secure booting from UEFI and installing to UEFI disk; a text-based GUI installer;
  • Add theme support to GRUB-EFI;
  • Support multi-touch, audio, WiFi, Bluetooth, sensors, camera and Ethernet (DHCP only);
  • Simulate WiFi adapter on devices with Ethernet only to increase app compatibility; auto-mount external USB drive and SD card

(Android-x86_64) Pie 9.0 with GAPPS

AndEX can run live (from CD or a USB stick) or be installed on almost all laptops (and some Desktop computers). For example Acer (Aspire), HP, Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Asus laptops.

The Android system is distributed in the form of an ISO file as the rest of my Linux distributions. I.e. you must (as usual) burn the ISO file to a CD if you want to run the system live on your computer or install it on hard drive. Read about how to burn ISO files. Or skip that.


AndEX Pie is compiled by Mike with sources from Bliss – An Open Source OS, based on Android, that incorporates many customization options and added security features. All AndEX versions are also dependent of the Android-x86 Project’s activity and development. Following Bliss’s instructions you can build your own Android-x86 system. You can also (of course) download Bliss’s “original” image.

Just use ImgBurn.

Nothing can go wrong.


To download Androidx86 iso’s you can get the links on our download page.

For any help related to this Emulator ask us on our Facebook Page / TwitterFB Group/ Google+/ Youtube Channel.

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