Android Developer Suite

Android Developer Suite, derived from Ricky rom kitchen I bring you a full GUI of the kitchen with built in code editor, completely universal and much more features.
This is an ALPHA release, the tool is far from perfect but this will be the new way of future android rom development.

How to use?

Click open and select your roms root folder, from there on all is automated.

[HIDE]Rom navigator
Built in code editor
Inbuilt IRC within the program
Syntax highlighting xml files
Syntax highlighting edify(updater-script)
Syntax highlighting prop files
Syntax highlighting conf files
Syntax highlighting shell scripts
Auto indenting option
Auto syntax highlighting option
Word wrap option
Open last project upon program execution option
Open last file upon program execution option
Search words in file
Find and replace
Zoom in/out
Check updater-script for errors
Convert updater-script EOL chars
Zip rom for release
Display rom info
Change rom name(
Change rom DPI
Console output
Rom log(shows files modified, added or removed)
Add or remove init.d
Init.d battery tweaks
Init.d move dalvik to cache on boot tweak
Init.d dalvik VM tweaks
Init.d internet speed tweaks
Init.d LMK configuration tweaks
Init.d SDcard readahead tweak
Init.d zipalign on boot tweak
Installed app backup/restore on install option
Sysrw/ro binary option
Datrw/ro binary option
Unpack boot.img
Repack boot.img
Refresh navigator

fstrim on boot
some rom options
hidden CMD operations
apk editing
de gapps
de knox
auto remove updater-script possible errors
installer options
internal options
aroma installer
aroma themes
add safewipe to all roms
auto kernel block detection and flash in rom(extract temp and flash with dd after block detection)


Alpha 1 –
Initial release

Alpha 2 –
Fixed splash screen bug
Implemented Add or remove init.d
Implemented Init.d battery tweaks
Implemented Init.d move dalvik to cache on boot tweak
Implemented Init.d dalvik VM tweaks
Implemented Init.d internet speed tweaks
Implemented Init.d LMK configuration tweaks
Implemented Init.d SDcard readahead tweak
Implemented Init.d zipalign on boot tweak
Implemented Installed app backup/restore on install option
Implemented Sysrw/ro binary option
Implemented Datrw/ro binary option
Implemented Unpack boot.img
Implemented Repack boot.img
Rebased rom options tab
Fixed treeview auto refresh

Alpha 3 –
Fixed settings not being applied on boot bug
Syntax highlighting for shell scripts
Implemented IRC within the Chat tab

Alpha 4 –
Fixed force close(cant find directorylog.txt
Smoothened IRC chat
Added refresh navigator
there are slight bugs.

XDA:DevDB Information
Android Developer Suite, Tool/Utility for the Android General

Source Code:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: Alpha 2
Stable Release Date: 2016-12-01

Created 2014-03-26
Last Updated 2016-12-07

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