How to Expand Storage capacity in AMI Duos

Expanding Storage capacity in AMIDuOS

AMIDuOS will be installed with 16 GB of Internal and SD Card storages by default. This tutorial is intended to expand storage capacity of AMI Duos.

If a user wishes to expand the storage capacity in AMIDuOS; We are providing 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity of formatted SD card VDI files.
Kindly note that the Internal Storage capacity can not be expanded any further than this.

The SD Card storage VDI files can be downloaded from the links below.

For Jellybean (4.2.2)

For Lollipop(5.1.1)

Please follow the below steps to attach the SD Card VDI file to AMI DuOS.

  1. Download the SD Card VDI file of your choice
  2. Rename it to sdcard.vdi
  3. Close AMIDuOS, if it is running
  4. Take a copy or rename the existing sdcard.vdi file in C:Users<Username>.DuOS (.DuOS folder will be hidden by default)
  5. Copy the downloaded sdcard.vdi in the same location
  6. Launch AMIDuOS and check the SD card size in Settings -> Storage -> USB Storage

Note that the Internal and SD Card storage VDI files size will increase or decrease dynamically. The availability of corresponding free memory in your windows root drive(C:) determines the maximum memory that SD card can occupy for AMIDuOS.

The SD Card VDI files are blank and you could move the existing SD card data to Internal Storage, before replacing then move the data back to new SD card once it is expanded.

Not to be confused with storage file(VDI) ‘size’ and ‘capacity’ in this article. The size of the blank SD Card VDI file would be ~2-5MB whereas its capacity would be 32-128GB. 

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