Solve Google play store crashing or stopping problem in AMI Duos

How to solve Google play store crashing or the stopping problem?


The Google Play store app will crash or stop to work when the Google Play store and Play store serviceversions are out-dated or the versions may not be compatible with AMIDuOS you have installed.

Follow the below steps to reinstall the gapps package and update the Google Play store and Play store service to the latest version.

Kindly note that using this method,

  • You do not need to reinstall AMIDuOS.
  • You don’t lose your data and installed apps (except google apps) in AMIDuOS.

Reinstalling the gapps package:

  1. Close AMIDuOS, if it is running.
  2. Rename the backup.vdi file from C:Users<User name>.DuOS to something else. Note that .DuOS folder would be hidden in Windows OS.
  3. Launch AMIDuOS. This time, it will launch without Google Play store and other Google apps.
  4. Download the appropriate gapps package for the AMIDuOS version you have installed and update to it by Right-click -> Apply to DuOS method.
  5. Configure the Google apps wizard. A new backup.vdi will be generated at the above location.

Updating the Google Play store and Play store service to latest version:

  1. The Google Play store can be updated to the latest version by launching Play store-> Settings->tap on build version.  Tapping on Build version will prompt a message “New version of Google play store will be downloaded and installed’. The update will happen in the background and takes time depending on your network speed. No notifications will be shown while update and check after some time. The Play store version should be equal/above to 6.0.5.
  2. Now clear Play Store from recent apps and restart AMIDuOS
  3. The Google Play service can be updated to latest version by launching Google apps like Google,Gmail, Hangouts etc. The Google Play service version should be equal/above to 8.4.89.
  4. Also, it is recommended to update all other google apps and services to the latest version.

If the same error exists even after following this KB, kindly attach the boot.logfile generated in C:ProgramDataAMIDuOSto debug further. Please follow the below-mentioned steps:-

1.Enable Android Logs option from DuOS Configuration Tool(from settings or Windows Start menu shortcut) -> Logs

2. Launch AMIDuOS and try to replicate the error occurring with Play Store

3. Attach the boot.log file generated in the above-mentioned path, before closing AMIDuOS

Kindly note that Program Data folder would be hidden in Windows.

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