How to troubleshoot network connectivity issues in AMIDuOS?

How to troubleshoot network connectivity issues in AMIDuOS?

This tutorial refers to network connectivity related issues observed in Jellybean & Lollipop versions of AMIDuOS

I . Make sure in Windows a stable internet connection is available and confirm the same

II. Verify that Windows Firewall/Antivirus Programs are not blocking  AMIDuOS to access Windows network

For Windows Firewall verify Duos and Duos.exe  are allowed access in Domain,Public&Private Networks from Control Panel -> Windows Firewall ->Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall . 

III. Most importantly check Simulated Network option is enabled in Settings -> AMIDuOS Configuration Tool -> Advanced -> Network

Simulated Network:-

Simulated Network will emulate various kind of network types in Windows such as Wireless LAN,Wi-Fi,Ethernet, Data Card, Mobile Data as a Wi-Fi connection in AMIDuOS. If you feel any change to Windows network connection is causing connectivity issues in AMIDuOS , kindly check Simulated Network is enabled, restart once and verify the network availability with Browser and Google Play Store applications.

Advantages of Simulated Network:-

Simulated Network will reflect Windows Network as a Wi-Fi network in AMIDuOS for most of the Android applications that require a mandatory Wi-Fi connection for its working.With Simulated Network enabled, following errors that may happen in Windows network can be handled.

a. Changing Windows Network connection from one to another

b. Switching between various Wi-Fi SSID’s

c. Unstable or fluctuating Wi-Fi connections

d. Windows is connected to Wi-Fi connections with Security Types unsupported by Android

IV. With AMIDuOS shows connected to network and if you observe errors like browsing not possible, Sign-in to Play Store not possible, ‘No Connection’ error message observed when opened Play Store, Download/update of apps not working, shows downloading of apps but no actual download happens in AMIDuOS kindly proceed with the following troubleshooting steps;-

a. Verify the Gapps update was done with proper version of gapps package(Refer this link for more help)

b. Check Simulated Network enabled and reboot AMIDuOS

c. Perform Clear Data&Clear Cache operations for Play Store

d. Remove the already configured Google account from Settings -> Accounts settings and try re configuring again

V. If you observe an error like net:ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED when opened Browser and in AMIDuOS network shownLimited kindly proceed with the following steps :-

a. Download and unzip the adb executable from here (Adb executable is also present in platform-tools directory of SDK set up)

b. Kindly set up adb interface for AMIDuOS .(Check this link to check how to enable adb connection in AMIDuOS)

c.From AMIDuOS shell path provide the below mentioned command

     ndc resolver setnetdns eth1 localhost <system-DNS>  

     Note :- Kindly note the system-DNS of current connected network can be identified from Windows command prompt with the command ipconfig /all and check for the address of DNS server

d. Now open Browser and Google Play store in AMIDuOS and verify network gets connected.

e. If the above-mentioned problem (V) still persists , from AMIDuOS Shell path execute the following ping commands(Enable shell interface for AMIDuOS with adb as mentioned in steps (a&b) and attach the screenshot of ping results

[email protected]:/ $ ping

                   [email protected]:/ $ ping

Note :-Also please run the DuOSNetworkInfo utility on your system and attach the file DuOSNetworkInfo.txt along with your replies


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