KoPlayer v1.4.1049 Released

KoPlayer v1.4.1049 has been released and made available for download. It comes with many new major improvements and bug fixes.

There’s a new version of KoPlayer which is available for download.

There are many bug fixes and the addition of some new features in this release, and its build is v1.4.1049.

KoPlayer is still in development and we are yet to see its full potential.

It was published on 5 Sep. 2016

KoPlayer is one of the most highly compatible emulators that supports millions of games and apps. We like it for its ease of gaming and lightweight requirements.

Learn more about -> KoPlayer

Before Installing Have a look at Requirements for KoPlayer.

What’s different in KoPlayer v1.4.1049?


  • Multi-languages are supported, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai
  • Support to keep all installed Apps & data from old version
  • Add Graphic rending mode for better and more smoothly gameplay
  • Add on-off switch for Root function
  • “Hot” section recommends you the newest and most interesting games
  • Manually input coordinates to locate positions
  • Support to customize Boss Key
  • Optimize Turn-on time, CPU and Memory usage
  • Optimize full-screen effect and prompt interface
  • Optimize version-detect function
  • Fixed known bugs


We recently installed it our PC’s and our review of it is that the current version of KoPlayer is quite good featuring major improvements and quite some bug fixes.

Before installation, please check notes above. Make sure you have installed all the prerequisites needed.

If you come across any problem with this version make sure to report it to us on our forum or in the comments below.

We will help you to sort it out, or if there’s any bug, we will report it to KoPlayer Support for a possible fix.


Download KoPlayer!


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