Nox App Player v3.1 is available!

nox app player

Greetings Everyone!

Nox has recently released a new version of its emulator.

The version for this build is v3.1.0

Read the changelog for this version below in this post.

The Release Date for this build is N/A.

This version is for Windows Users.

Nox APP Player is an Android emulator produced by Duodian Network Science and Technology Co.

It is a free Android emulator dedicated to bringing the best experience users play Android games and apps on PC. By creating a virtual android OS on PC, it enables PC users to use Android apps and play Android games on a desktop with the benefit of a bigger screen, better hardware performance, and easier control.

Nox App Player is one of the leading Android Emulators right now. We like it due to its customization features and frequent updates.

Learn more about -> Nox App Player.

Before Installing Have a look at Requirements for Nox App Player.

Download links for this version are available on our site and can be accessed from the link at the bottom of this post.

You can see the changelog below.

What’s different in Nox App Player 3.1?

Changelog for this version:

  • Pre-loaded a compatible Facebook Lite version
  • Added error message and solution to Nox crash under some XP systems
  • Added specific error message when VT is occupied by other programs
  • Added “stay on top” option
  • Added “Pause” button for video recording
  • When Nox crashes due to sudden power off of hosting PC, it will
  • automatically restore the data as of the latest normal startup
  • Optimized gamepad/controller UI. Users could manage gamepad/controller
  • Connection from sidebar shortcut
  • Fixed “File corrupted” error caused by special characters
  • Fixed stuck at 99% and have no error message due to unstable internet
  • connection problem
  • Fixed: keyboard control fail to function after screen rotation
  • Fixed: Korean, Thailand keyboard input issue
  • Fixed: when restarted, Nox will keep the language and time changes in
  • Android settings
  • Fixed: sidebar lingering when dragging the main window of Nox
  • Removed F11 as default shortcut for Fullscreen


We recently installed it on our PC’s and our review of it is that these bugs fixes are really welcomed.

This version works well with low-end computers too.

If you come across any problem with this version make sure to report it to us on our forum or in the comments below. We will help you to sort it out or if there’s any bug we will report it to Nox App Player Support for a possible fix.

Download Nox App Player


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Note: You can also download any previous versions of the Nox App Player from the dedicated download page.

Let us know your thoughts or experiences with this version of Nox App Player in the comments section.

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