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Android x86


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  • Categories: AMIDuOS
    • AMIDuOS how to change the input language
    • Install and configure the emulator AMIDuOS
    • Emulator Android AMIDuOS
  • Categories: of Andy
    • Error Unable to load R3 module
    • How to completely remove the emulator Andy
    • How to root the emulator Andy
    • Install and configure the emulator Andy
    • Android Emulator for PC Andy
    • Categories: FAQ Scroll to the on Andy
      • How to use your smartphone as a controller in Andy
      • Install a game in the cache emulator Andy
      • Setting the keyboard layout change in Andy
  • Categories: Bluestacks
    • How to set cache on BlueStacks
    • Correction of errors in 1714 and 25,000 in BlueStacks
    • BlueStacks black screen on startup
    • Increased SD card in BlueStacks
    • How to completely remove BlueStacks from your computer
    • BlueStacks to install applications
    • BlueStacks how to change the language
    • How to install BlueStacks
    • Android emulator on your PC BlueStacks
    • Categories: FAQ Scroll to the on BlueStacks
  • Categories: Droid4X
    • Review updates Droid4X 0.8.6
    • Review updates Droid4X 0.8.2.
    • Backing up data in Droid4X
    • How to reset your password in Droid4X
    • Increased SD card volume Droid4X
    • Setting the resolution and memory Droid4X
    • Install a game in the cache Droid4X
    • Setting the joystick (gamepad) in Droid4X
    • Setting up shared folders in Droid4x
    • Setting up of the Russian language in Droid4X
    • Do not run the installation Droid4X on AMD processors
    • Setting management Droid4X
    • Install and configure the emulator Droid4X
    • Emulator Android Droid4X
    • Categories: Droid4X Settings
    • Categories: Troubleshooting and modification Droid4X
  • Categories: FAQ Scroll to the
    • Whether virtualization is enabled
    • Before installing the Android emulator
  • Categories: Genymotion
    • Genymotion install applications
    • Setting emulator Genymotion
    • Register Genymotion
    • Emulator Android Genymotion
    • Categories: Set emulator Genymotion
      • Installing on Mac OS Genymotion
      • Genumotion Installation on Linux
      • Installation on Windows Genymotion
  • Categories: LeapDroid
    • emulator LeapDroid
  • Categories: MEMU
    • Emulator Android MEmu
  • Categories: Nox
    • Emulator Nox APP Player
  • Categories: Windroy
    • Emulator Android Windroy
  • Categories: YouWave
    • Emulator Android YouWave